Mantella Frog
Family: Mantellidae

Mantella Frogs are native to the rainforests of Madagascar.
They look very similar to the South American “Poison Dart Frogs” which are only very distantly related.

It is a case of divergent evolution that they are the same size with similar eating habits and toxic secretions from their skin.

There are 16 subspecies, each with different colours and patterns.

Mantella Frogs are not good swimmers. They prefer to explore the forest floor, and some are arboreal. They do, however, require access to a water source.

Latin Name: Various Subspecies, all in the Mantellidae family.

Difficulty Level: Intermediate

Temperament: Docile

Life Span: 5 – 10 Years

Size: Up to 5cm ¦ 56g

Habitat: Madagascar – Tropical Rainforests near ponds.

Diet: Fruit Flies, Crickets – Gut-load the Crickets with veggies.
Avoid wild caught Crickets as they may harbour parasites.

Supplements: Calcium

Hours of Activity: Diurnal – Mantella Frogs are most active during the daytime.

Handling: You should not handle Mantella Frogs. They secrete toxins from their skin that could pose a danger, they are also very timid and skittish and handling them can easily lead to stress.

Temperature: 21°C – 24°C

Humidity: 70% – 90%

Terrarium Size: 10 Gallons per 2 – 3 Frogs.

Substrate Type: Soil, Orchard Bark, Drainage Layer – Anything that holds and releases humidity well.

Equipment Necessary: Terrarium, UVA Lighting, UVB Lighting.

Cleaning Instructions: Spot clean any waste or uneaten food as necessary. Replace the loose substrate every 2 – 4 months.

Provide fresh, non-chlorinated water for them to drink from a large bowl daily. Ensure that they have a means of escape from the bowl so they won’t get stuck. This can be a stick or a stone.

Mantella Frogs enjoy being kept in groups, but keep an eye on the adult Females as they sometimes fight.

Mantella Frogs don’t get bigger than 5cm, and are naturally skittish and shy. Provide them with plenty of places to hide.

Common Problems:

Fungus and mould forming in the substrate due to the high humidity levels. Keep an eye on this, and change any paper towels daily, with other loose substrate being changed every 2 – 4 months.